About Cemmos

This is the personal website of Cemmos, an entrepreneur and web designer.

Cemmos Portrait
Drawing of Cemmos

Building various forms of websites since he was a teen, Cemmos has always had a passion for learning and improving himself as a person.

As a U.S. military & Afghanistan veteran that had grown up around the world, Cemmos took with him the discipline of his environment and applies it to every aspect of his life. You’ll see it in his attention to detail in his web design — down to the very pixel — to the way he shapes his personal fitness regimens.

Working for himself under his company, Obstance, Cemmos enjoys a lifestyle that he has shaped for himself, free from the confines of a nine to five and working tirelessly to make someone else’s dreams come true.

Previously a contractor with the gaming company Curse and former (volunteer) Game Sage for Aeria Games, it’s no wonder why Cemmos has decided to dedicate much of his personal website and YouTube channel to video games; a medium that takes major part in his persona and passion.

Cemmos was previously a community moderator for the MMORPG Ashes of Creation.


A few hobby projects that Cemmos is personally involved in include:

  • Beard Profile – a community network built with beards as the focal point, Beard Profile is the go-to website for anything facial hair related. When it comes to growing the fullest beard possible, science is at the forefront: the articles that are written are highly informational on the subject matter and there is no other community as passionate about beards and the bearded lifestyle than Beard Profile members.
  • Megami Fuse – a fan site and online community for a series of video games which fall under the Shin Megami Tensei flagship by Atlus Co., Ltd. The series is considered as one of Japan’s most influential and cherished RPG series, which includes games such as Persona 4 Golden, and more recently, Persona 5 for the PlayStation 4.
  • Ganareth and the Dark and Light Wiki – a community of fans for the game Dark and Light, released as an early access title on July 20th, 2017. A survival game with similarities to Ark, DnL meshes magic in an unforgiving fantasy world.
  • More, but currently not shared here.

Cemmos’ little corner of the net

This website itself is also a project that Cemmos takes pride in.

While the concept has been at heart for years, Cemmos.net started in early 2017. This website was created not only for a place for Cemmos to write about himself, but to write about one of his favorite hobbies: video games. In fact, you may not even find an awful lot of personal scribblings around the site unless it includes some aspect of gaming in them.

Having played video games since a very young age, gaming has always provided its own pivotal role in Cemmos’ life. As such, combining both his passions of web design and video games, he created his own little nook on the internet; not only to have a place for himself, but also a place for other gamers to learn and expand via tutorials and guides.


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Feel free to use the form for whatever inquiries you may have, or just to say what’s up. Don’t forget that you can also leave comments around the site and I’ll see those as well.