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Cemmos Net Has Been Launched!

Welcome to Cemmos.net. This website was created both as a personal space for myself, Cemmos, as well as a place for video gamers and like-minded individuals to learn and expand their gaming horizons.

For a little more detail about myself and this website, check out the about me page.

This particular section of the site contains news about the website itself, such as an upgrades or design changes that I feel are important to share, or at least log for my own needs. The site is highly focused on video game tutorials and guides, but may, from time to time, contain material out of that scope.

I’m pretty excited to get the website up. On December 31st, 2016 (just six days ago) I decided to just go for it: a personal website like this has always been something I’ve been meaning to build, and in fact I had built one years ago under a different pseudonym. In an attempt to start a personal brand for myself, separate from my company Obstance, I decided to consolidate as much of my online identity into what I’ve now been going by for years — Cemmos.

While I can still be found around the internet under a couple of different handles, usually due to the service not allowing account-name changes, I will and have been going by Cemmos for several years now. As such, my then-pseudonym and previous domain name have been scrapped altogether and I’ll focus my efforts on this new site.

Along with this blog I’ll also be uploading YouTube videos. In fact, I uploaded about 36 videos for Guild Wars 2 today that cover most of the jumping puzzles in the game. Well, most from my assumption. The videos are from 2013, but of course are still relevant to the game today. At some point I’ll be hopping back in there to make sure I cover the rest of the jumping puzzles that the game has to offer.

For now, however, I’m getting content up on this website. The design is essentially complete and the optimizations and server are running smoothly.

So, basically, we get to the hard part of consistency. Lack of that good stuff in the past rendered a couple of my personal projects redundant, but I’d like to get that changed. I still have work to do aside from this site, of course, and this is purely a hobby of mine. So I can’t put in all of my time, but much of what I have free should hopefully be put down right here.

With time, I hope to be able to bring out some nice content for those that are into the same type of games that I am. I’ll mostly be covering online multiplayer and MMO games, since this is technically a one-man show and I simply can’t cover everything that I play. Coverage will include mostly writing, with videos mixed in every now and then.

If you’re still with me, I’m glad you’ve decided to check out the site! Comments, questions, and inquiries can be sent via the contact page. Or if it’s something you don’t mind putting out in public, we have a comment system on many of the pages around the site. Drop your comments and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Until next time, fellas.