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Dark and Light


Dark and Light, abbreviated as DnL, is a sandbox survival game set in a high fantasy, western-inspired world where magic dominates nearly every facet.

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Dark and Light was initially teased to be launched in early access on Steam in 2016, but due to delays, it has been pushed back to an ambiguous 2017.

Originally intended to be an MMORPG, Dark and Light has been rebooted since its cancellation in 2008. Now with Snail Games at the helm, the game has changed drastically and is almost altogether a new video game using just a few concepts from the original.

Because of the fact that there were so many sources of information for the previous game, a lot of what you may find online will have inaccurate information. For example, the game is essentially classless and does not allow players to choose from any race, contrary to outdated sources. There is, however, fairly in-depth character customization in which you can make your character appear to be a race other than human. Some presets for dwarves and elves will be included.

Combat is action-based and monsters become considerably harder when night falls. You’ll want to travel to a faction city for safety from the dark, where you’ll be able to purchase some starter equipment and a home. For the more adventurous players, grouping together to take on the creatures of the night is also a viable, but deadly, option.

Like many survival games on the market, rations to keep your hunger at bay will be required as you venture out into the vast world. Building structures, such as your own customized home, is a large part of the game.

In one of three faction cities of your choice, players have the ability to earn the standing of Lord of the Town that grants access to special mounts and other benefits. One role of the Lord is to defend the city against the terrors of the night by coordinating with fellow faction residents to build up defenses.

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