Next Day: Survival

Next Day: Survival

Next Day: Survival is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic fictional Eastern European country.

Next Day is a multi-player SURVIVAL game with elements of RPG, in an imaginary country in Eastern Europe. Carry out an array of tasks, learn skills, and develop your character. Have shootouts with opponents and earn a reputation.

Steam description

The game was released on July 20th, 2017 as an early access title on Steam.

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Players will need to survive in a brutal, hostile world with seemingly no law.

For a player to survive, he must make sure he eats, has water, and has a way of defending himself from hostile players and NPCs (including wild animals such as wolves and bears). Starting off with just boxers and a small backpack, one must make his way in the world by starting with nothing.

At night, the temperatures drop well below freezing, potentially causing hypothermia and giving the player a harsh cold. The first thing you’ll want to do is find fire or clothing. With a jacket, you can explore the world without fear of the cold.


Four factions exist — three of which the player can be a part of; one at any given time. These factions are:

  • Neutral – the faction every player starts off as
  • Civilian – the inherently “good” faction
  • Looter – the more “uncivil” faction
  • Military – an NPC faction that is enemy to all players

Traitor is another aspect, but is not considered a faction. It is more of a status that happens when a player kills someone of his own faction, causing him to have the traitor status for a full 1.5 hours in game. This is also the only way that one is able to switch faction: they must become a traitor if they are a civilian or looter, wanting to move to the other faction.

Factions are quite simple to join: gain reputation by killing those of another faction. Civilians can kill Looters to gain reputation, whereas Looters can kill either Neutrals or Civilians. Neutrals cannot kill either, or they will automatically join the faction based on whom they kill.

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