Blazeridge Steppes

Behem Gauntlet (Blazeridge Steppes) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Jumping Puzzle guide for the Behem Gauntlet achievement, located in Blazeridge Steppes towards the southwest.

Video Guide:

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Behem Gauntlet is a quick jumping puzzle. The hardest part, which isn’t hard at all, is getting into the cave while spiders are attacking you. Either run past them or kill them (we prefer to kill them as they tend to root you anyway).



After running towards the cave, you’ll come to this. From here, just go up that rock and drop down into the cave. You’ll hit a veteran spider right on the inside; either fight him or run past him.



Here you’ll jump up the right side and then hitch yourself over the gap to the left. If you can, use swiftness for a smooth jump.



Keep going in the only path available and then drop down. Run to the left edge.



Jump from the edge onto the hanging boulder, then leap down onto the rock platform.



Run north where the wall is to your left and the open area on your right, down the path. You’ll come across a bat. Either fight him or ditch the mofo.




After getting past the bat, run into the corner and drop down onto the small ledge.



Jump down to the final part of the cave. You’ll find a cave bat and a veteran ooze waiting for you. Take them out and run around the rock pillar.



Congratulations, you’ve completed one of the easiest jumping puzzles! Grab your loot, you’ve earned it.