Diessa Plateau

Crimson Plateau (Diessa Plateau) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Crimson Plateau is a GW2 jumping puzzle located in Diessa Plateau. It’s easy and requires little time or effort.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Start off by going to Redreave Mill waypoint and running south to where the player marked on the map is.



Jump up the rocks to get up onto the hill, run past the bats and then up more rocks.


Once up the two sets of rocks, take a right until you come close to the edge. You’ll see a small entry that you can jump through. After through that entry, run to your right and up the hill as far as you can get.


You’ll then see this. Behind the leaves and vines is hole in the rock that you can jump through.



The last part, like the earlier areas, is easy. Simply follow what’s in the images to get to the chest. Be wary of a veteran that you’ll need to kill as he’s guarding the chest.