Diessa Plateau

Wall Breach Blitz (Diessa Plateau) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Wall Breach Blitz is a GW2 jumping puzzle located in Diessa Plateau. This jumping puzzle is required to be able to get a skill challenge and vista located in the southern area of Diessa Plateau, at The Breached Wall.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Start off by heading south to The Breached Wall. You’ll see the vista and skill challenge on the map — this is your end goal.



Head up the stairs located west of the waypoint until you reach this stop. Jump to the other side to proceed.



All of the jumps are simply navigating your way to the skill challenge as seen on the map. Follow the images below on how to make your way there. Your achievement will ding as soon as you step up the stairs to the skill challenge. Keep in mind that there will be some fighting here and there, but nothing terribly difficult.