Swashbuckler’s Cove (Gendarran Fields) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Swashbuckler’s Cove is a GW2 jumping puzzle located in Gendarran Fields. This one requires you to light four different torches and kill a veteran to advance to the next stage. There are no hard jumps to make whatsoever.

Video Guide:

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Start by heading to the waypoint on the map — either the one in the west or the one to the north will work.


This is an easy jumping puzzle and mostly requires you to navigate around to find where you need to go. After going into the cave, take the path on the left past the enemy scales, then when you reach water, dive below and go through the water trap. Farther down you’ll find a small hole you need to swim up. Here you’ll find another water trap. Go through there and swim to the top. Once you make it past some pirates, you’ll come to a room with torches. There will be four that you need to light, in no particular order. After lighting all four, head back to the top platform on the left to kill the veteran. This will open a passageway in the water. After going through the water, the rest is straight-forward and the chest will be easy to find.

For the moa around the chest, you can grab moa feed which is near the exit of the cave you came out of and drop it near them. Otherwise, go ahead and kill them to claim your loot.