Blazeridge Steppes

Craze’s Folly (Blazeridge Steppes) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Here’s a tutorial for Blazeridge Steppe’s jumping puzzle, Craze’s Folly. Watch the video or read the written tutorial to breeze through this simple puzzle. You’ll need to fight a few enemies along the way, but they’re a breeze. You can also try running past them to save some time.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Head to northeast Blazeridge to a waypoint called Terra Carorunda and start running toward the heart on the map. Go through the small path to find an encampment and hitch a right. You’ll see a torch — run through that tunnel and take out the enemies there. Once you’ve dispatched your foes, head up the stairs and until you get to the top and go through a hole in the wall.

From there, jump on the big boulder and then continue jumping into the ruined building, going as high as you can until you can jump over to a broken piece of wall on the other side. Run up the other piece of broken wall, then onto a boulder and you’ll see a cave. Run through the trolls or take care of them and take a right. The images will explain most of it, or watch the video above to see exactly how it’s done. At the end of the puzzle you’ll need to kill a veteran troll before you can grab your chest.