Lion's Arch

Weyandt’s Revenge (Lion’s Arch) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Weyandt’s Revenge is a jumping puzzle located in Lion’s Arch. It’s very easy and takes roughly eight minutes to complete, from the waypoint to the chest.

Video Guide:


Image Guide:

Start off by heading to the Lion’s Arch waypoint, Farshore. From here, you’ll be running up the stairs and around the building to find some stacks of hay you’ll need to jump onto. After jumping over to the other side of the building, head through the small opening covered up by plants and run up the hill. You’ll find another small opening covered by plants — run through this and proceed up the hill to find the vista.



After getting to the vista, you’ll see a cave that you can drop into. The first time I ever dropped down into the cave, I had instantly died, so for subsequent runs I opt to drop down on the right-most side of the cave. Doing this will make you hit rocks on the right side, then you can jump on over to the middle to fall straight down into the shallow pond below.



Just keep heading up into the cave until you see what looks like a blue orb essence. Follow him to make it through the short maze. If you’ve never done the puzzle before, you’ll likely get lost. If this happens, find him again near the beginning of the maze.




After getting through the maze, head up here, hitch a right, jump on some rocks, and then jump on some more.


After all of that jumping, you’ll come to a room with spike traps. These are easy to get past, so get past them. In the video, you can see me getting stabbed multiple times and coming out all jolly. It’s not hard, so here’s just one image:



After getting through the spike room, just jump onto the platforms and make your way down. Then go ahead and jump across to the other side and work your way up through the cave some more.





After working your way up the cave, you’ll come to this. Jump up and begin the next part of the puzzle, which is a dark room. Every now and then the lights flash on and then back off. Use this to your advantage and to get your bearings of where you should jump. All of the jumps are straight forward. This is the last part of the puzzle.


Lastly, you’ll need to drop down into one of three holes: two of which will result in an insta-death (according to the pirate, at least). Use the one in the image below and make your way to the chest from there.