Hidden Garden (Mount Maelstrom) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle located in Mount Maelstrom. For this one, you’ll need to kill one of four keepers to access a portal that takes you to the JP.

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Kill the Keeper of Waves or any of the other three keepers to access the portal. The image below shows the waypoint to access the stated keeper, which is south of Gauntlet waypoint.

(See the boss icon on the map). Once you’ve taken care of the keeper, a portal will appear. Enter it to begin the puzzle.



To complete this jumping puzzle, you’ll need to collect four different elements, all in different locations of the map. To start, we’ll grab Earth. As shown in the map in the image below, earth is located in the center of the jumping puzzle. It’s surrounded by earth elementals, but you can simply run in and grab the item you need, then quickly ditch the dirt.



Next up is Wind. This will be high atop the map, in the northern portion. See the map in the image below and follow the arrow. There will be a lot of jumping up, but other than that none of the jumps are too difficult. Navigate your way up, and be wary of spiders. You can run past all of the mobs in this map, so do so if that’s what you opt to do. At the top you’ll find four or five sparks, the wind item you need, and a pair of diving goggles. Grab the item, the goggles, then freefall right off of that cliff!




For the next one, we’ll grab Water. Head to the south of the map as show in the map below and swim through the water. This one is similar to wind, but has less jumps. It’s very easy, so just navigate up to the top. You’ll find a Veteran Ooze, so either take him out or run past him. Jump down into the water below to get out of there quickly. There are no diving goggles for this one, but keep an eye out for them on the last element.



The last one we’ll be getting is Light. For this one, head to the center of the map, above the earth element. This is also where the chest resides. Again, the jumps are straight forward, but these jumps are slightly harder than the previous two. Keep going up until you get to it. There are no mobs, and you’ll find diving goggles situated on mushrooms up at the top.



You’re done! Jump down with those stylish goggles and head back up to the chest for your loot.