Southsun Cove GW2

Skipping Stones (Southsun Cove) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Skipping Stones is a GW2 jumping puzzle located in Southsun Cove. This one may be annoying, as if you fall during the skipping stone parts, you’ll need to start all over again.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

You’ll want to hit up Lion Point waypoint, as indicated on the map. Run around the mountain to the spot where the player below is.



Skipping stones is as the name suggests — you basically need to skip over, or jump onto, stones to progress with the jumping puzzle. The stones shoot up via steam pressure and you’ll have a short time frame while you’re jumping across the stones. It’s easy to see for yourself where you should be making your next jump. You’ll do one set of stones on the south side, and then another set of stones on the north side. Once you’ve gotten through both of these, the puzzle is significantly easier.

Here is the other side of the puzzle. Complete this side as well, and you’ll likely be good to go for the rest of the jumps.


Follow the rocks as shown in the image below and you’ll make your way to the chest. This puzzle is easy to navigate on your own. The hard part is getting past the stone jumping.