Southsun Cove GW2

Under New Management (Southsun Cove) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Jumping Puzzle guide for Southsun Cove’s “Under New Management” achievement.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Head to Pearl Islet Waypoint. The jumping puzzles starts close by, directly southeast of the waypoint.



Head underneath the tarp and up the stairs.



After heading up the stairs, look to your right. There will be a walkway that you need to hop onto. This is the start of this very short jumping puzzle.



From here, you’ll see a thin board you can hop onto. Hop onto it and then walk over to the other side.



Next you’ll want to jump across to the other side, then onto the hanging logs, then again to the other wooden pillars.



After you’re here, you’ll need to jump onto a small piece of wood that’s sticking out. After landing the jump, jump right up onto the platform in front of you.



You’ll have five more quick jumps. Jump onto the wooden pillar, then onto the stone pillar directly next to it, onto the wooden walkway on the other side, onto yet another stone pillar, and then finally onto the last wooden walkway. Your chest will be waiting for you there!