Fawcett’s Bounty (Harathi Hinterlands) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Fawcett’s Bounty is a jumping puzzle located in Harathi Hinterlands. Like most jumping puzzles, it takes only a few minutes to complete. The Fawcett’s Revenge achievement can also be earned by falling to your death during the jumping puzzle where the rocks fall beneath your feet.

Video Guide:

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Start off by heading to Arca waypoint in the northwest of Harathi Hinterlands.



Swim east through the water, as seen on the map above, until you hit a small shore. Looking up, you’ll be able to see a torch. Here’s the gate to where the jumping puzzle starts.



When you enter through the gate, you’ll see boulders strewn across the water. Grab these and place one on each of the three pressure plates in the room. There’s only one picture below showing a pressure plate, as the other two are very easy to find.


Once you’ve opened the gate using the pressure plates, you’ll come across a room that looks like this. Here’s where you can earn the Fawcett’s Revenge achievement. If you don’t already have it, go ahead and fall through the floor to your death. Hit up Arca waypoint again to return to the jumping puzzle. When you go over this floor, be quick and don’t stop for even a moment, or you will fall.



After getting across to the other side, you’ll see a couple of enemies. Either fight them or run past — the decision you make should be the one you stick with; fight or run. There will be more enemies through the corridors, as well as spike traps on the floor. Keep going right the entire time until you pop out of the corridors and into a more open space.


Coming out of the corridors, you’ll find an area that looks like this. Run up the stairs, back, and then up the beam to reach a small cave above.



After going around in the small cave, you’ll see another beam. Hop on there and go up. You’ll see many more of these beams hat you’ll need to jump on to be able to reach the ship.


At this point, you’ll want to jump roughly where the arrow is pointing. It’s not a hard jump, especially after jumping across those beams. There will be enemies on the ship. Dispatch them and you’ll have your treasure.



Drop down here and then turn around to claim your reward!