Lion's Arch

Troll’s End (Lion’s Arch) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Troll’s End is a jumping puzzle located in Lion’s Arch. It will only take a few minutes to complete, though the camera angle at times can get fairly annoying.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Start by heading to either the Gate Hub Plaza or Trader’s Forum waypoint, then head up the bridge north of gate hub or east of trader’s.



Go up the boardwalks until you get to the spot below, in the fourth image.

From that spot, you’ll need to drop down. Don’t jump, just nudge your character off the side slowly so that you fall onto the top of a pillar. From the top of the pillar, you’ll want to drop directly down into a well. Again, don’t jump, just nudge.



After dropping into the well, navigate yourself through the water until you get to some dry land in the cave. Run through the cave and take that first left where you see a plank over your head.  Keep going and you’ll see a slope, again on your left, with a cave bat on or near it. Head up that slope.


After making your way up the slope, navigate around until you reach the top, where you’ll need to drop down. You can die here, so be careful. Try to jump onto a small rock platform on your right and then jump off to the left side of the hole. After getting down there, you’ll see the plank that you first saw when coming into the cave. Jump onto the rock that it’s situated on.


From there, navigate around and jump on the rocks to make your way toward the chest. The hardest part is the camera angle, but the rest is fairly easy. You can see where to jump, just try not to bop your head or fall off of an edge because of the camera angle.


After navigating through the cave, you’ll come up top here. Take these four jumps to reach the chest!