Dark and Light MMORPG.com Gameplay

23 Minutes of Dark and Light Gameplay From MMORPG.com Exclusive

As we’ve been seeing with Snail Games’ upcoming survival game, Dark and Light, here’s yet another exclusive that only the big boy websites get access to.

Ignore the fact that this dude said he’s using FRAPS of all things. Keep in mind that these videos are pre-alpha and new iterations are always being pushed out, so a lot of what you see is subject to change. But with Steam early access coming sometime “soon,” don’t expect drastic changes other than optimization.

The videos are in two parts. Something that a lot of people would like to know is that the game will have PvP and PvE servers, separately, and your character is locked to the server you create it on. Much like other survival games such as ARK: Survival Evolved.