Ashes of Creation Winter

First Look at the Seasonal Changes in Ashes of Creation

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Ashes of Creation just released another “first look” video. This time, we get to witness some of the seasons and the changes that come with them.

Nature can be fickle. As the seasons change in Ashes of Creation, so do the things you may encounter. One day you may find yourself blocked off from a particular area in the game due to snowfall. Or, you might be able to walk across to the other side of an otherwise inaccessible area due to a lake freezing over.

In the game we’ll be able to unveil the hidden secrets within the seasons. It’s meant as a way of adding realism into the game, and it’s a beautiful way of doing so, I might add.

I want you to “feel” the difference in the world around you.  I want Ashes to immerse you in the sights and sounds of the forest you are moving through and the ridges of that canyon you desperately cling to. If it’s winter, I want you to feel its icy fingers. Summer should bring that sticky-hot sensation that makes you just want to take it slow. The world must have a palpable texture to it, and we’re going to do that not just visually, but through music, sound, and story which together will complete that sensory tapestry. Those details are imperative if we want to illicit an emotional response that feels real.

The secret to immersion, ironically for a fantasy game, is to create the illusion of reality.

That is what I intend to do.

Watch the video below to see these shifting seasons, and read the blog post to witness Steven’s thoughts on why it is, exactly, this feature is near and dear to him as an MMORPG player and lifelong gamer.