Celestial Rooster

Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Year of the Rooster: Solar & Lunar Dyes, Chicken Sickle, and Festivities

With the Chinese zodiac now landing on the year of the rooster for 2017, Guild Wars 2 has some celebrations in mind.

In today’s update, ArenaNet releases some spiffy, new items. These include lunar- and solar-based dyes, a rooster mini, discounts on returning gem store items, and a chicken sickle. Yeah, you read that correctly. A chicken sickle.

Chicken Sickle
There’s that chicken sickle!
Solar and Lunar Dye
Solar and Lunar Dye

Source: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/open-up-a-solar-and-lunar-dye-kit-and-lunar-new-year-chest-today/