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The Head of the Snake Now Playable – Guild Wars 2

“Walk into the White Mantle’s pit of vipers as Season 3 of Guild Wars 2’s Living World continues, and unshackle the truth in a new raid.”

As the living world continues, so do the updates ArenaNet is pushing out. Along with continuing your personal story, you’ll also be able to play in a new raid, Bastion of the Penitent.

The cataclysmic explosion at Bloodstone Fen opened a mysterious portal, and Priory Scholar Glenna has gone to to investigate. Follow her through to explore a forsaken place…and hope that your chances of escaping it are better than those of its former inhabitants.

A new, earnable legendary rifle also comes with today’s update, pictured below.

H.M.S. Divinity
H.M.S. Divinity

You’ll now be able to dye your hair accessories with twelve new colors using a total makeover kit or self hair styling kit. Hair accessories are features on certain hair selections.

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