DnL Leaked Screenshots

New (Leaked) Screenshots of Dark and Light

Quite literally, these are “screen” shots through a mobile phone.

It looks like Dark and Light has a few more leaked screenshots, as you can see on Twitter user @Victor___Z‘s tweets. Images dropped below, and be sure to check out that Twitter account as it seems to be a primary source of DnL leaks, including an 8-second video of spell casting.

Following the delay of its initial expected Steam early access launch of 2016, if you’ve been following the game at all, you can see through these leaks how much progress the game has been making. In terms of visuals, these screenshots actually look nicer than many of the official press-release images that are periodically sent out to help market the game.

While the game is no longer going to be an MMORPG as it used to be before its reboot, this MMO-gone-survival game is shaping up to be a beauty in its own right. Of course, we’ll have to actually play the game to see if it’s any good, but my bet says that it’ll be a great game to pass the time with.

If you enjoy games such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust, this is one game to look out for. I’ll personally be hopping into early access whenever it gets released and, hopefully, provide some game coverage here on the site.

DnL Leaked Screenshots