Loreclaw Expanse (Plains of Ashford) – Jumping Puzzle Guide

Loreclaw Expanse is a GW2 jumping puzzle located in the Plains of Ashford. There are a few dangerous traps that can kill you quickly, but once you get past those, it’s smooth-sailing.

Video Guide:

Image Guide:

Start off by heading to the Loreclaw waypoint. When you head south, you’ll see a mountain where you can navigate yourself to a cave.


Loreclaw Expanse has some deadly traps. In the images below you’ll see red circles on the ground — those are the spike traps that will one-hit you. Then you have the fire-breathing statues, and finally the falling boulders. Once you’re clear of all three of those, which are all in the beginning of the puzzle, you should be good to go. Follow the rough path laid out below to claim your treasure. Keep in mind that the obvious treasure chest is not the one you’re  going for. You’ll be looking for a pressure plate in the same room, up above, that breaks a wall nearby, revealing the path to your loot.